Infant Care

We can not possibly understand the grief and pain the family are experiencing at this most difficult time in their life. Whilst we cannot understand their pain we do share their grief, fear and tears.

Providing the family with a positive experience is of the utmost importance to myself and my son, enabling the family to hold and be with their child is our way of helping them through this truly daunting time. We encourage them to spend as much time as they need with their little one.

At Bellrae we offer the family unlimited viewing and cuddling opportunities within our private viewing room, allowing them to care for and dress their child as any family would want. We encourage the family to bring blankets, toys and mementos to help their little one feel safe and loved.

We encourage families to consider the option of taking their little one home where they can love and care for them before the funeral takes place, encouraging them to hold and dress their child. Please speak to the staff at Bellrae about this option in detail.

Ultimately we hope to bring together families in this time of confusion and pain by providing a non-intrusive and nurturing environment with an emphasis on cuddles and quality time for all family members.

Exceptional, respectful care

With over 20 years experience we provide an impeccable standard of post death presentation

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